Are you struggling with meeting your accountability measures? Are you looking to enrich your curriculum and programming? Our experience in working with all sectors – from early education to adult education – provides a comprehensive foundation to realize positive student outcomes and community impact. We are current and understand education policies and the latest research.

Our Solutions

Conduct feasibility studies | Identify grant opportunities & help write grant applications | Gather & analyze student & community data | Visualize data with reports, dashboards & infographics | Facilitate stakeholder feedback from students, staff, parents & the community | Support implementation of new projects | Help develop and design new programs | Strengthen school, community & family partnerships

Our Work

The Heartland Career Center (HCC) serves students by strengthening their job search skills, identifying and working toward career goals, and making connections with employers. As the need for advanced manufacturing jobs continues to grow, the school needed to expand. They embarked on the process of applying for a $5 million federal grant to build an adult education center that will offer advanced manufacturing & health credentials. With the help of Transform Consulting Group, HCC secured the grant which included funding up to $5 million with a 20% match requirement. Our team assisted with the following:

  • Successfully secure funding through grant writing and grant submission
  • Created a case statement and fund development plan to raise the $1 million match
  • Support reporting requirements once the grant funding is processed

Case Statement

Mark Hobbs


We were honored to partner with Heartland Career Center in Wabash to secure $5 million dollars for an expansion project. Part of this funding was through grants and part through private funding.

Our Clients